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Fergie was found wandering stray and no one ever came to claim her. She is very sweet! We did her ASPCA Meet Your Match personality assessment and she came out as a "busy bee." Busy Bee: I’m a naturally playful, curious, and trusting canine. Take me for a big walk every day; give me something to do.

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My name is Cookie. I am 5 years old, but like most females, I think I am 2 years old. I love to run, sleep and my favorite - bathe in the sun. I am completely house broken and never had an accident in my foster home. I have never been on furniture and prefer not to be. I don’t mind being in a kennel during the day, as I am safe there, but if you leave me out, all I will do is sleep, I promise, and not bother anything. I am a hoarder, if you leave something laying on the floor, I will kindly keep it safe in my kennel for you until you need it. I currently weigh 44 pounds, and love to be called “Cookie Monster”. I wag my tail a lot and love to do circles in the yard, oh and ride in trucks with the window down! I love all dogs, but if you have a bird or sugarglider, I will kindly keep an “EYE” on it for you. (wink, wink). I do not bark, and strangers are just fine to give me some attention. I don’t mind kids, but I am not a cuddler, I'd rather be petted than held. My foster mom says I am the perfect “houseguest” and wishes all her kids were as sweet and well behaved as me, including her 2 legged ones.


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