About Us

In the early months of 2015, our homeschool group noticed a large number of fire hydrants completely buried in snow.  At the same time, news stations began publishing/airing stories of houses with extreme fire damage, due to buried fire hydrants that were inaccessible to firefighters.  The buried hydrants caused massive delays in the fighting of fires, as the firemen had to clear the hydrant before battling the fires.  It appeared that many people weren't aware that clearing the hydtrants in front of their house is their own responsability.  We did what we could locally, but found after clearing a small number of hydrants, our group couldn't do it all.  

We put the call out to get friends involved and were able to get a few more hydrants cleared out.  We began to brainstorm ways to get the word out and get more people involved, and Hydrant Hero was born - a grassroots effort to increase awareness regarding clearing hydrants.